Vision and Mission

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Mission and Vision


Our Mission is to enhance play opportunities for young children and adults, all with the belief that play is central to human transformation, building community, and improving education. Play leads to authentic equity and civil society. We believe that in collaboration, we can create play spaces and play opportunities that will impact lives.


Our goal is to create the play conditions that allow children and adults to reach their full potential. We believe that play spaces create authentic equity.


  • We lean into discomfort to engage in courageous conversations that promote equitable opportunities to promote the right to play.
  • We interrupt practices that disrupt the inclusion of play in education and communities.
  • We engage in collaborations to change policy and education to enhance play opportunities.
  • We affirm and validate that play is the most essential element to keep our childhood genius alive and thriving.
  • We practice lean-in assessment as we gather data and make it public.
    • What do we know?
    • What are our strengths?
    • What are our opportunities and possibilities?
    • What do we need to change?
  • We work to create positive relationships and partnerships with children, families, educators, leaders, and community agencies to increase play opportunities.
  • We challenge early childhood educators and families to support, enhance, and advocate for equitable opportunities that promote play.
  • We push back the current focus on academics and create a paradox that establishes true play as the vehicle for learning that supports uniqueness, self-efficacy, and the right to make choices and decisions about life.

Play is a magnificent activity that sustains life and promotes joy and hopefulness.

Miriam Beloglovsky invited me to reflect on the intentionality and purpose of every aspect of my choices. She broadened my perspectives; infusing a wealth of research, cultural awareness, aesthetics sensibilities, anti-bias work, community involvement, her sense of wonder, and her joy in the natural engagement with which children pursue their own learning into philosophy and methodology with the power to transform classrooms nationwide.

— Sarah Heinrich Educator PreK4SA

Muy Bien! Fantastic, engaging, fun, and knowledgeable. Thank you for your work and passion for early learners. If only testing people could see learning in this new way. Inspiring!

— Participant, PreK4-SA

It’s been a pleasure listening to Miriam and reflecting on what really is our mission as educators, our responsibility to enhance children’s lives and respect for our communities and the world. Thank you for all you do for our children.

— Alicia Victoria, PreK4-SA

We had so much fun at the Loose Parts workshop a couple of weekends ago! We ended up taking 4 teachers—which was actually enough to spread the enthusiasm to the rest of the staff. We’ve gone to our closets and garages, Scrap Humboldt and the hardware store to bring back enough cool parts to require a much-needed reorganization of our materials. The kids have met every challenge and expanded up it. Thanks First 5!

— Participant, First 5 Event

Amazing, I am really looking forward to putting more loose parts in my classroom. Some great ideas to implement. It has my mind running wild!

— Participant, PreK4-SA

While I have often used loose parts in my program, you have added so many new ideas to my toolbox.

Thank you for demonstrating each concept from STEAM.

— Sonia Thomas, PRO Family Child Care

Great workshop with so many innovative and relevant content and ideas.

— Participant, PreK4-SA

I just want to say how inspired I’ve been the past few weeks after attending the Loose Parts workshop hosted by First Five. I’ve been enjoying getting to put out different materials as well as collecting things I might have usually thrown away or recycled. I love attending workshops where I can take and implement ideas the following day at work…this was one of those workshops. I have definitely been keeping my eyes out for “Loose Parts” with a whole new perspective. One of the most beneficial parts of the workshop was being able to physically demonstrate how loose parts are used in each part of STEAM. Huge thank you to First Five for their financial investment into making sure quality presenters are available for us early childhood educators to attend. It makes our jobs and field more professional and I feel appreciated as a teacher.

— Participant, First 5 Event

The presentation will go a long way in helping me to achieve my goal in teaching science to kids in Liberia, West Africa.

— Participant, PreK4-SA

Great workshop! Really enjoyed this session, the presenter was outgoing, fun and very knowledgeable on the material that she was teaching us. I also enjoyed the hands-on ideas in the session.

— Kay Franklin, Elementary

I never had so much fun at a professional development. Very insightful!

— Participant, PrK4-SA