Miriam’s Journey – March

Every month, I share some of my unexpected discoveries and resources I have carefully curated and researched. Every resource I offer is something that I have used myself or have spent time investigating its purpose and application.  

Learn how to analyze an early childhood environment through six key terms (aesthetic, authentic, equity, dynamic, praxis, and critical reflection). Read Loose Parts: Inspiring Culturally Sustainable Environments. 

Plan to become an EDesinger – Learn more about the Design in Mind (DiM) Thinking Framework for addressing dilemmas and collaborative decisions within early education systems. The DiM framework supports educational designers (EDesigners) to work cooperatively and quickly in identifying creative, hope-driven solutions for complex problems. #Simplexity. Get the book – Design In Mind:  A Framework for Sparking Ideas, Collaborations, and Innovation in Early Education.

When I want to be challenged, I read Tom Drummond’s blog. He never stops provoking me to think and reflect. 

Learn to Steal Like an Artist. Read Austin Kleon’s books. 

We are living in a constant state of right and wrong, which I believe is hindering creativity and innovation. Today’s challenges emerge at an ever-accelerating rate, and we struggle to find the imaginative answers we crave. Think Wrong by John Bielenberg and Mike Burn has shifted my thinking and gave me a different perspective about the way I view what I do as a creative (not wrong) process.