Stop and Enjoy the Moment!

When I find myself surrounded by challenges, I like to spend time in my happy place. I have to confess that I have more than a place that makes me happy. Instead, I find places where my heart, mind, and body are at peace. One of those happy places is Starifleds Vineyards in Placerville, California. Sitting outdoors, drinking fantastic wine, and eating wonderfully crafted food, served by James restores my joy!

But what is more important to me is how the excellent staff greets me and makes me feel at home. To me, Starfield Vineyard has become that place “where everyone knows my name.” I guess it is my Cheers. So, make sure to visit when you come to California. You will not be disappointed. 

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Sometimes our happy place is inside a book we are reading. I often get lost in imaginary worlds and imaginary characters. In his book, Grabiel Gracia Marquez creates a magical narrative about an intergenerational family that lives in the magical town of Macondo. I have read this book many times, and I always discover something new. Reading to get to that happy place is essential. I hope we give children that powerful gift. 

Amanda Gorman’s book, Change Sings: A Children’s Anthem, reminds us of the power children have to shape the world. Having hope brings us to a happy place. Amanda Gorman’s poetry takes me into her dreams, visions, and thoughts in such a powerful way that it centers me deeply into my core. 

I am so fortunate to have people in my life that inspire me and help me be a better person. My friend Tu Bears is a magnetic storyteller who shares her wisdom every day. Her daily Notes from Tu Bears get me going in the morning. Her excellent book Infinite Footprints inspires me to live my life fully. She is an oracle, and her wisdom will lift you up during challenging times.

Another happy place for me is when I listen to music. I love many types of music. I listen to music when I make jewelry or when I am cooking. Music feed my soul, and I always remember when Bev Bos talked about playing music for young children because it touches their heart. One of my favorite songs from Bev, Michael, and Tom Hunter is “We’ve Been Wating for You.” What a fantastic way to welcome children to their happy place.   

Where do you find your Happy Place?