Loose Parts Book 4

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Loose Parts: Inspiring 21st Century Learning

The fourth book in the series was inspired by dreams of a hopeful future.

As the last book in a series of successful publications, Loose Parts: Inspiring 21st Century focuses on the knowledge, skills, and dispositions children will need in an unknown future.

My hope is that we can change our constant focus on limited academic learning and start to embrace the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical learning that children will need to succeed in an unknown future. It is time, that as a society we change the dialog from readiness to success.

Loose Parts Book 4

In the last installment of the popular, award-winning Loose Parts series, Lisa Daly and Miriam Beloglovsky focus on family engagement and competency building. With inspiring full-color photographs Loose Parts 4 is organized around competencies and life skills children need for success in the future: knowingness, engagement, risk, connections, leadership, innovative thinking, and creativity.

Miriam Beloglovsky


  • Winner of the Tilliwig Toy and Media Award
  • Brain Child Award
  • Winner of the Teacher’s Choice Award by Learning Magazine
  • Bronze Medal Winner of the Foreword Indies Best Published Educational Book Award
  • Finalist of the Foreword Indies Best Published Educational Book Award
  • Winner of Tilliwig Parent Favorite Products


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