Loose Parts Book 3

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Loose Parts: Inspiring Culturally Sustainable Environments

This book connects to my values of creating equitable and inclusive early childhood ecosystems.

Writing this book was both painful and rewarding.

It was painful because I had to confront my biases and reflect on how they impacted my beliefs about children, families, and communities. Rewarding because I learned more theory and research that will help me continue promoting my values of equity and inclusion. This book includes a framework to help us think about how Loose Parts are an equalizer that enables synergy that allows children to represent their authentic selves. I am in profound debt to my friends and colleagues who help guide and informed the writing of this book. Their wisdom, encouragement can critical friendships made this book stronger.

Loose Parts Book 3

The next installment for the award-winning Loose Parts series offers inspiration and guidance on creating culturally sensitive and culturally sustainable early childhood environments. With the help of over 400 full-color photos, this book guides readers to use their environment to promote a sense of wonder, curiosity, and joy, and allow children to explore their identities.

Loose Parts 3 analyzes environment design through six key terms:

Aesthetic—the nature of art and beauty.

Authenticity—helps us avoid stereotypical and biased assumptions.

Equity—is about achieving equal outcomes by individualizing support for each child.

Dynamic—always changing and supporting children’s critical thinking.

Praxis—actioned informed by theory.

Critical reflection—the ongoing process of consideration, analysis, and informed decision-making applied to daily work.

Peer-reviewed by a team from diverse backgrounds—Loose Parts 3 includes a note on the peer review process, and the authors’ own journey looking at their classrooms.

Loose Parts: Inspiring Culturally Sustainable Environment has also received a number of awards.  

Tillywig Award Winner 2015, Brain Child


Miriam Beloglovsky


  • Winner of the Tilliwig Toy and Media Award
  • Brain Child Award
  • Winner of the Teacher’s Choice Award by Learning Magazine
  • Bronze Medal Winner of the Foreword Indies Best Published Educational Book Award
  • Finalist of the Foreword Indies Best Published Educational Book Award
  • Winner of Tilliwig Parent Favorite Products


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