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Just Play!

Play is crucial in adulthood because it fosters adaptiveness, creativity, role rehearsal, trying out new roles or possible careers and mind-body integration.

When adults engage in play and creative endeavors, they find their childlike center that cultivates happiness and joy.

Play is affirming because it allows us to enter a natural, safe, and caring environment where we freely explore our inner thinking and desires.

To encourage more adult play, every month, we will share a new play idea that you can collect and use to inspire adult play in your early childhood ecosystem. ENJOY!

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Just Play! Invitation

Bring your best into the early childhood ecosystem
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Just Play! Invitation 2

Play with words, play with art, and play with objects.
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Just Play! Invitation 3

Are you ready to design engaging group gatherings?
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Just Play! Invitation 4

Go on a photographic safari, searching for play in the “wild.” Take photos of children fully immersed in play.
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Just Play! Invitation 5

Instead of hosting open house nights, gather families for a “Play With Bubbles Night”