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Reach out to schedule a 30-minute free consultation to further explore how we can help you Playfully Transform your ecosystem.

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Ready to Redesign your Educational Ecosystem?

Playful Transformation PT Guides can guide you to create Inclusive and equitable ecosystems that promote a sense of trust and belonging.

Our work is anchored on the following principles:

  1. We are social beings that thrive in interactions with people. We seek friendships and relationships and we learn best in the context of social interactions. 
  2. We best learn when we have an interest and a goal we want to achieve. When we have a purpose and are supported by a strong sense of belonging, we are free to learn and engage in making powerful social connections. 
  3. Learning happens as we actively engage in the world we live in. In other words, when our contributions are respected and we know we are valued members of the community. 
  4. Making meaning of the world we live in, leads to deeper knowledge. This happens best in the context of a community. 

Individual and Group Consulting and Guided Journeys

The Playful Transformation (PT) Journey is designed to guide educators, families, administrators, and business executives to create play ecosystems and embrace their play journey.

 A Playful Transformation ecosystem can reduce stress, increase productivity, energize creativity, and promote innovation so that you can create your own learning journey. The Playful Transformation Journey integrates Loose Parts to transform thinking, encourage critical reflection, and inspire collaboration.

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A journey can take diverse paths and require us to engage our creativity and passion for innovation.

We believe that each journey is different. That is why we work closely with our clients to ensure that their journey highlights their strengths and increases their Depth of Practice (DoP).

We hope to help you embrace your playful attitude and refocus your attention to the most essential part of an ecosystem, the humans that live and thrive within the ecosystem. 

Through engaging play explorations, we will guide you to design your PT journey, so that you can reimagine learning, Define, Design, and Discover the play opportunities and possibilities within the ecosystem. 

Our Process is Simple, Yet Complex and Responsive.  A PT Guide will walk you through the following tenets


To bring equity, we must create educational ecosystems anchored on the principles of play. We must design ecosystems that focus on place, space, empathy, and respect. When we design ecosystems with infinite possibilities for children to wonder, explore their identity, and engage in developing their theories and ideas, we engage in the power of freedom and liberation.


Focuses on moving beyond general curiosity into the realms of critical thinking and the pursuit of deeper understanding. It requires us to ask meaningful questions, be willing to grow, and understand how Loose Parts play ecosystems must be responsive to ideas, information, and curiosity. We embrace asking questions that lead to more questions.


The design of aesthetically pleasing ecosystems, is not merely centered in superficial styling or the placing of curated artifacts. Instead, it involves the use of imagination and understanding to create new perspectives, which ultimately transforms learning. Beauty is a desire and the guide that sustains our humanity and focuses on pleasure, joy, and beauty that enrich and improve life at many levels.

Authentic Connections

Human beings have an innate need to belong and be accepted. Many times, our need for acceptance may force us to give up our authentic self to comply with the rules and expectations that others impose on us. Children will pretend and abide by the adults in their lives to establish a connection and be liked, and they may give up their exuberant, vibrant.

Critical Reflection

Seeing with our heart, listening with our soul, and seeing through the learner's eyes. Critical Reflection is the intersection between our own experiences, the perception of how children learn as they play, or how they grapple with new knowledge, the benevolent guidance of critical friends, and the theories and research that guide our practices.


Is the process of transformation through Reflection, theoretical analysis, collegial dialog, documentation (data collection), and the research process. It is the development and integration of theory into practice.


Our world is in constant motion and rapidly changing. We strive for flexibility as we discover new possibilities and unexpected discoveries along our journey.

Ready for more?

Reach out to schedule a 30-minute free consultation to further explore how we can help you Playfully Transform your ecosystem.

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