With so many societal demands, play and the joy of creativity are no longer a meaningful part of our life experience.

Playful Transformation’s mission is to preserve childhood by designing ecosystems grounded in the joy of play while supporting adults to rekindle their childhood genius.

We are play advocates, setting out to enhance people’s ability to think imaginatively, find creative solutions, and see adventure and excitement in play.

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Miriam Beloglovsky

There is always that moment in life that changes everything you do and who you are. For me, that moment happened not too long ago. Allow me to begin by sharing a story that has propelled my personal and professional life. During a difficult moment in my life, I found solace in my favorite book, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, and this quote in particular: 

“All grown-ups were once children, but only a few remember it.” 

This excellent simple quote hit me like a bolt of lightning. It went through every neuron in my system as an electrical charge. I jumped out of the chair and said out loud;

“I have been given a powerful gift, and it is time to use it.” 

The gift was present in my observations of children playing, my research, and writings about one of the most powerful things humans have: 

“An innate instinct and powerful urge to play.”

When children play, they find joy, that exhilaration of the moment of discovery, the laughter that comes from deep inside your belly. They go into a flow where their passion and interest take over, and nothing else matters. That is when I knew I wanted to support people in finding their playful spirit. 

As a professor of early childhood education, sought-after public speaker, CEO of Playful Transformation, and author, my goal is to engage, inspire, and motivate audiences worldwide to explore the power of play and embrace play as a vehicle that transforms their life. 

Play is a catalyst for change. That is why I founded Playful Transformation with the mission to weave together play, collaboration, public policy, education, critical reflection, inquiry, creativity, and innovation. Play is central to human transformation, building community, and enhancing education, leading to authentic equity and civil society.

Awards & Books


  • Winner of the Tilliwig Toy and Media Award
  • Brain Child Award
  • Winner of the Teacher’s Choice Award by Learning Magazine
  • Bronze Medal Winner of the Foreword Indies Best Published Educational Book Award
  • Finalist of the Foreword Indies Best Published Educational Book Award
  • Winner of Tilliwig Parent Favorite Products


  • Loose Parts: Inspiring Play in Young Children
  • Loose Part 2: Inspiring Play with Infants and Toddlers
  • Loose Parts 3: Inspiring Culturally Sustainable Environments
  • Loose Parts 4: Inspiring 21st Century Learning
  • Early Learning Theories Made Visible
  • Design in Mind: A Framework for Sparking Ideas, Collaboration, and Innovation in Early Education
  • Loose Parts For Children With Diverse Abilities

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MiriamBeloglovsky PlayfulTransformation Team

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MiriamBeloglovsky PlayfulTransformation Team


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